I am a thirty-something wife and mother living in Metro Manila, Philippines with a passion for arts and crafts. I have always been interested in crafts ever since my grandmother taught me the art of crocheting. From there, I have explored other areas such as invitation-making, calligraphy, and paper cutting. Someday I hope to set up my own business focused on the arts and crafts, but for now I just like to write about it. Maybe if I find the time between being a mother and wife and being an employee, I could make the dream a reality.

This blog will be my space for the things I love and my experience as I learn a new craft each time. I will also try to put some resources to assist your craft needs. Finally, I will also share my knowledge and experience when I got married - on how to save haha! I welcome suggestions and comments and would gladly feature other artists here.

Thank you and I hope you like what you see here.


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